Dr. Farooq Khan

Dr Farooq Khan

BSc (Hons), MBBS (Distinction), FRCS (Urology)

I have been a Consultant Urological Surgeon for 13 years, having completed my training on the Cambridge rotation (2003-2010). My main interest is laser prostate surgery (Holmium laser enucleation of the prostate – HoLEP) for men with urinary symptoms or those with a catheter and I have led the development of this technique locally with widespread uptake and mentoring of surgeons with the 50 Watt laser across the UK.

I am the leading user of the 50 Watt laser for HoLEP surgery and have performed the highest number in the UK (greater than 1500 cases). My ethos is to promote this surgical technique to other surgeons so that many more patients can benefit from laser prostate surgery, that has the strongest evidence base for prostate surgery to improve urinary symptoms.

I am a course director of a twice yearly HoLEP Masterclass promoting this technique to consultants in the NHS and private sector.I also provide the breadth of urology services including blood in th eurine investigations, prostate cancer diagnostics and genitourinary infections.My claim to fame is that I was shadowed by the original actors (Michael French & George Irving) for the medical drama Holby City while a junior doctor at Papworth Hospital, Cambridge (1999). 



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