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Convenient and discreet 20-minute appointments are offered for our Ear Micro Suction & ear wax removal  services, where our expert clinicians will safely perform the procedure to remove excess earwax and address related concerns.

Ear Micro Suction Services Luton

Ear Wax Removal Clinic in Luton, UK

At Thornhill Clinic, we are specialise in micro suction for ear wax removal.  Ear wax removal Luton is a naturally occurring substance that helps protect and lubricate the ear canal. However, when excess ear wax builds up, it can cause discomfort and even lead to hearing loss. Traditional methods of ear wax removal in Luton, such as ear drops and ear syringing, can be inefficient. 

We are at Thornhill Clinic provide both options for Ear wax removal : 
Ear syringing 
Ear micro suction

Many individuals in the UK are turning to ear micro suction as a safer and more effective solution for removing ear wax.

What is Ear Micro suction?

Ear micro suction is a method of ear wax removal that uses a specialized medical vacuum pump to gently remove excess ear wax. Micro suction can performed by a trained personnel who uses an otoscope, a device with a light and magnifying lens, to view the ear canal and guide the suction tool. The procedure is quick and painless, and the patient can typically return to normal activities immediately afterward.

Why Choose Ear Micro Suction?

There are several advantages to choosing ear micro suction over traditional ear wax removal methods. First, micro suction is a safer and more controlled method of ear wax removal. Unlike ear syringing, which uses water pressure to flush out ear wax, micro suction is a precision technique that minimizes the risk of damage to the delicate ear canal or eardrum. Second, micro suction is more effective at removing stubborn or impacted ear wax than ear drops or ear syringing. Third, micro suction is suitable for individuals with hearing aids or other ear devices.   

Ear micro suction is an effective and safe method of ear wax removal. In the UK, this service is in high demand due to the inefficiency of traditional methods of ear wax removal such as ear drops and ear syringing.

How it works

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Available Ear Micro Suction Services

What we test for

Excessive Earwax Buildup

Gentle removal of accumulated earwax that can cause discomfort, hearing impairment, and even tinnitus.

Earache and Discomfort

Alleviating pain and discomfort caused by earwax impaction or other obstructions.

Enhanced Hearing

Restoring optimal hearing capabilities by eliminating earwax barriers.

Tinnitus Relief

Minimizing the sensation of ringing or buzzing in the ears associated with wax accumulation.

Blocked Ears

Clearing blockages that hinder sound transmission, leading to improved hearing clarity.

Preventive Care

Regular microsuction to prevent excessive wax buildup and related issues.

Appointments available with

Dr Ruhul Amin

BSc (Hons), MBChB

Dr Murtaza Khanbhai

Dr Murtaza Khanbhai


Dr Bhavesh Popat

BSc (Hons), MBChB, MRCGP 2019

Any questions

Ear Micro Suction is a safe and efficient procedure used to remove excess earwax and address related ear concerns.

Excess earwax can lead to discomfort, hearing loss, and other issues. Ear Micro Suction is recommended when traditional methods are insufficient.

During the procedure, a specialized medical vacuum pump is used to gently and precisely remove excess earwax. A trained professional uses an otoscope for guidance.

No, the procedure is generally painless. You might experience mild discomfort as the earwax is being removed.

The procedure typically lasts around 15 to 30 minutes, depending on the amount of earwax and the complexity of the case.

Side effects are rare, but you might experience temporary dizziness or a feeling of fullness in the ear immediately after the procedure.

Why we're different

We stand out through our dedicated team of experienced specialists, providing comprehensive and personalized care that prioritizes your well-being.

Our team comprises highly experienced General Practitioners who excel in various specialties, ensuring you receive top-notch medical care across a wide spectrum of needs.

We offer an array of services, from minor surgical procedures to specialized screenings, allowing you to address multiple health concerns all under one roof.

Our streamlined processes enable quick and discrete 15-minute appointments for sample collection, providing you with efficient and hassle-free testing.

We understand that every individual is unique. Our services are tailored to your preferences and requirements, ensuring a truly personalized healthcare experience.

What we help with

Thornhill Clinic provides the convenience of both in-person and online appointments, along with services such as prescriptions, referral letters, sick notes, and more.


Schedule appointments in London locations, with the added convenience of nationwide online appointments.


Prescriptions are available both in-person and online, and can be collected from pharmacies across the country.


Our extensive network of specialists is at your service for referrals, and we provide written referral letters as needed.

Why Thornhill Clinic?

Thornhill Clinic stands as a compelling choice for those seeking exceptional private healthcare. Our clinic’s hallmark lies in its commitment to comprehensive and specialized medical services, catering to urgent concerns requiring immediate attention as well as routine matters that can be planned in advance. 

With experienced General Practitioners who bridge the realms of both the NHS and private sectors, our team offers a balanced perspective that ensures high-quality care. Efficiency is at the core of our approach – our clinic is equipped to conduct investigations such as blood tests, ECGs, respiratory tests, and sexual health assessments during appointments, minimizing inconvenience. Beyond these conveniences, Thornhill Clinic extends its capabilities to specialized examinations including taxi or HGV medicals, foreign work VISA assessments, and timely travel consultations and immunizations. 

Our clinicians are adept at delivering second opinions and addressing the needs of international patients, while our robust network of local specialists facilitates seamless referrals for specialized care. Moreover, extended consultation times of at least 20 minutes underscore our commitment to meaningful doctor-patient interactions. All of this, coupled with our approachable pricing starting at £50 for standard consultations, ensures that Thornhill Clinic stands as an epitome of accessible, comprehensive, and patient-centric healthcare. Your well-being is our priority, making

  Thornhill Clinic a standout choice for all your medical needs.



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